The Catawba River Baptist Association consists of 68 churches and missions in Burke County in the foothills of North Carolina. You’ll find all but one of our churches in Burke County and many are within a few miles of I-4o between Hickory and Marion.

The following mission and vision statement were proposed by the Administration Team. The Association approved them at our October 2012 meeting.

Our Mission

Uniting and strengthening CRBA churches to be on mission in building the kingdom of Christ in the community and beyond.

Our Vision

We envision the CRBA to be a group of churches working together in unity and love to build the Kingdom of God in our region and beyond. The churches will so manifest the love of Christ that the people outside each church will be drawn to the Savior and want to know the One who is behind this love.

Each of our churches will be focusing on sharing the Gospel message on a regular basis in our region and wherever the Lord may send the members of those churches. CRBA will provide opportunities for those churches to work together in this area of evangelism.

CRBA envisions being able to lead our members to become more dedicated disciples of Jesus who will be making disciples of those who are coming to know Jesus as their Savior. Each of these new converts will be taught how they too can make disciples of others.

CRBA churches will be praying churches that are impacting their world through prayer. This commitment to prayer permeates who they are as the body of Christ and establishes deep relationships with the Father that allows Him to use us to touch the entire world. It allows the power of God to be unleashed so that He accomplishes His mighty work here and to the ends of the earth.

CRBA churches are on mission with God, doing work in many areas of the world. Because of this work, God is adding to His church daily those who are being saved. This is happening both in our own churches and in those places where we are working to build His Kingdom around the world.

CRBA churches envision working together in a way that will encourage and strengthen each other. We are giving wise counsel and loving encouragement to each other in such a way that we are advancing the Kingdom of God to the greatest degree possible until Jesus comes.

Churches of the CRBA

You can find almost any kind of church you might imagine. Check out the list for links, driving directions and contact of our churches.

Calendar of Events

You can see what’s going on in the CRBA and with our churches by checking out our Association’s online calendar.

To add events, please contact our Executive Assistant, Marlene Houk.


Read more about our the CRBA’s history.

Give to CRBA

All donations will go directly to the general fund of the Association unless otherwise noted when you give. Use a credit card, but about 3% of your gift will go to a processing fee. Users of PayPal can give without a processing fee by using their PayPal account.

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